The White House, Charlotteville – practical information

Shopping For Food

You can get all the basics in Charlotteville in the two small “supermarkets” and the various small shops and fruit stalls in the village.

Freshly baked bread –

Kosa at Jane’s Quality Kitchen and Dorleen near Jaba’s bar both have delicious home cooked bread.

Fresh fruit and veggies can be bought in the village and from the veggie truck on Thursdays and Fridays from around 4pm.

Lyda’s Bar, Jaba’s bar, G’s and Tantes near the petrol station sell beer and spirits.

Pennysavers in Canaan near the airport is the best for a big shop if you have a car and are going up to that part of the island. It’s cheaper than Charlotteville and has a wide range of imported food, wines etc.

Internet Access, Car Hire, Boat Hire

Car Hire – phone Cat 7771964

Boat Trips – from many fishermen in the village.

Internet Access at Workshop tours opposite Sharon and Phebs restaurant.

Post Office in the supermarket


There is an ATM near the Whitehouse opposite the Library, but it doesn’t always work. There are no banks in Charlotteville or nearby. The only banks are at the airport and in Scarborough.


Next door but one is our friend Jemmo 660 5441
Cat 7771964
Hire Cars

The main hire car companies are available at Crown Point.

Cheaper, older but serviceable cars are available from the following. Mention Steve and Jacquie at the White House.
Cat 7771964
Ancle George, The Naturalist, Castara – 639 5901. About US$40 a day but for a week or two you should get a better rate.
Cordners (Steve Cordner) 639 7603 or 620 4939. You should be able to get one from Steve for $35 US a day or $30 a day for a week – but you may have to negotiate quite hard for that.
Emergencies, Doctors And Dentists

The Community Hospital of Seventh-day Adventists in Scarborough has private doctors and clinics and emergency services – 639-1115, 639- 4014, 622-1191, 622-1192, 622-3302, 622-3048

There is a public hospital in Scarborough.

Ambulance – 990
Police – 999

Charlotteville Community

The neighbours are all local Charlotteville people. You are living in a vibrant Caribbean community. You will find people very friendly and helpful if you smile and say hello.

This page was last modified on 20 Feb 2012.


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